We offer a comprehensive range of natural treatments while the design of the Spa introduces a place of calm where you can slow-down, unwind and be pampered, allowing you a little well deserved ‘me’ time.

Here we take a holistic approach to well being using only natural, organic products, a philosophy which has filtered down from the main house. We use Circaroma and herb farmacy, award winning contemporary products for our extensive collection of treatments.   To see our extensive range of treatments, please take a look at our brochure here –  Peterstone Spa Brochure and Spa Price List.

The Most Popular Massages

Swedish Massage (back – 30 mins £20 / full body – 60 mins £37)

Invigorating movements and deep massage techniques help to ease tension, relieve
stress, and alleviate muscular aches and pains.

Recovery Thai Head Massage (45 mins £40)

A soothing and calming back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. A hot herbal
poultice is massaged into the muscles to ease tension and restore

vital tranquillity, after which a blend of aromatherapy oils are smoothed onto the skin
using soft massage techniques. A deeply relaxing experience.

Indian Head Massage (45 mins £32)

A pressure point massage that focuses on the face, head, back, neck and shoulders, relieving muscle tension as well as helping to soothe headaches, sinus congestion and eye strain. You will leave perfectly relaxed and rested.

Signature Aromatherapy Massage (back-30 mins / full body-60 mins)

This aromatherapy massage promises light, sweeping movements to release the aromas of the essential oils. The strokes are slow and soothing, while the aromas lift your mood.

Signature Hot Oil Massage (30 mins £25 / 60 mins £42 / 90 mins £57)

Enjoy the warming sensation of heated oils enveloping your whole body,combined with the heat and soothing touch of your therapist’s hands. The warmth penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, easing tension and leaving you completely relaxed.

Signature Hot Stone Massage (30 mins £30 / 60 mins £ 47 / 90 mins £67)

Experience deep relaxation and increased energy flow as warm basalt stones glide over your body, penetrating heat into the deep tissues of your muscles. This unique treatment promises to leave you warm, rested, and in a deep state of relaxation.


Call us for more information or to make a booking on Tel: 01874 665912

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